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Here are testimonials from Calgary Mindfulness students:

The practice of Mindful Meditation has brought clarity to what is truly of importance to me. It has also brought recognition that life's stresses are a fabrication of my own thoughts of events that have yet to occur or have long passed - and that I forever lose a moment when occupied with the past and the future.

Thank you Shirley for introducing me to a daily practice that helps bring acceptance to living each moment more fully.
Rex H. Kary

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I took Shirley’s Mindfulness course on the advice of my Doctor…
Overworked, I had lost touch with my body and turned something wonderful into a machine. My wife, Joy, and I have followed that initial class with Shirley’s weekly stillness sessions on Friday evenings…. I think it a life saver to me… I continue to find it a wonder that there is often a deep learning, about myself, each week.”
Allan Matthews

Thank you so much for the meditation/yoga classes. The instruction was excellent, also the booklet, the background information, the poems, the CDs, and the overall experience. The classes and the home practice helped me get through my chemo (although I was not sure initially if I would have the energy to carry through) and hopefully will help me get through surgery and post-surgery chemo and radiation. The practice adds a new and wonderful facet to my life. The Saturday silent retreat was awesome! Thanks again for sharing your talents and for your gentle guidance!"
-- Karin

I took this Mindful Living course because I was always curious about meditation, because of your obvious passion regarding mindful living, and I wanted to see what it might do for me.

While it is a bit of a struggle carving out time for a formal practice the struggle has been worth it. There were two very immediate benefits for me. One was the ability to focus on daily tasks and get stuff done. Before it was too easy to get distracted and pulled away or procrastinate.

The other which makes me feel like a million bucks is uninterrupted sleep or if I do wake up, I am able to go back to sleep very quickly and easily.
I look forward to many more insights as I continue my practice.
~ Dagmar

It is amazing how the regular practice of mindfulness meditation has improved my mental health my general well-being. I have always thought of myself as an overall happy person. But now that I meditate I am so much more connected to my own life and have realized the whole of my being. I have never felt more alive. It's not that I'm "happier" now than I was before, it's more that I am in touch with my inherent strength and clarity, my inner peace and happiness, in touch with the preciousness of every passing moment.

I had a history of anxiety and sleep problems. Not constant, but they'd pop up any time I was faced with a significant life challenge. I would become literally sick with anxiety and then the sleep problems would follow, then I'd become anxious over the fact that I wasn't sleeping. I was a constant worrier and over thinker. I could not stop the language in my head. Reflecting on the past, anticipating the future, having conversations with people in my head. Lost in thought. Not living in the present. I shortchanged my youngest son because of this. I wish that I had discovered mindfulness before having kids! But what's passed has passed. I forgive myself for my imperfections.

Now that I meditate regularly, my nervous system is MUCH more balanced. I think more clearly, don't over react to life's challenges, sleep INCREDIBLY well and feel grateful for life's roller coaster. I feel whole and complete and able to cope with whatever life throws at me. I handle stress 100 times better. Because I don't have the anxiety attacks anymore, I take on more responsibility and challenges, both professionally and personally. Somehow, slowing down enables me to accomplish more.
I am less judgmental of others and myself. I am less fearful, more adventurous. I feel at peace with and in control of my life.
--Phyllis Quarles

I had tried meditating before and never really got it
.. never felt the benefit of meditation. Now that I have learned about mindful living , I think of my entire life more in terms of mindfulness, of being in the moment. I seem to be happier, more content with life. I feel like I appreciate more moments in my life and things that used to bother me and stress me out don't seem to bother me as much. I feel that I judge myself and others less ... that I have softened. Doing the MBSR truly felt like a gift to myself.

I have spent my life trying to cram in to it as much as I can in
order not to miss anything. This way of living has ensured I missed
everything. The Mindfulness course has allowed me to know what it
actually means to live and to experience this life....the only one we
get! Thanks Shirley for all my moments I get to be here for!

The Power of Mindfulness, Stress Reduction through Mindful Living
, has enhanced my skills of awareness, acceptance and living in the present moment. This means my life has more balance, simplicity, ease, inner peace and joy.

After taking this course AND PRACTICING, I feel like I've found the owners manual for my mind!

Thanks for the wonderful course this fall.
To this day, I have been practicing the different meditations you taught us as the mood suits me. The problem is sometimes I go 2-3 days with out listening to the body scan in particular and then my sleeping pattern becomes erratic. As I recover, from the accident quite apparently I need to take the time for myself so I am well rested. The great news I don't require medication to sleep with as long as I practice what I have learned. This is a great skill you have, that is highly understated. This course would be a benefit for numerous people if they could see the benefits in the long run, unfortunately in our instant gratification society a number of people just don't have the patience. If time is our most precious possession then the greatest gift is the knowledge to spend it wisely.
~ Jim

This program is a beautiful gift
. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The program has helped me to understand myself better and to understand others instead of just tolerating them (their opinions, values etc). As a result of this program, I have been able to centre myself on the busiest days and to calm myself in the most stressful moments. My greatest learning from the program is that being mindful creates more time. It's as if paying attention to each moment makes the moments longer and more enjoyable. I’'ve definitely grown and will continue to grow through revisiting, practicing and sharpening the skills I've gained. Shirley is a kind and beautiful lady with a spirit that will guide you on this wonderful journey that should not be missed.

The class has taught me how to believe in myself
a lot more than ever. I have learned to be calm and to be able to listen to people more clearly,
And give better answers. I have also found that I will rather walk away from confrontational situations than get engaged in it. I have been able to
Feel how my body reacts to situations, good or bad faster. This has allowed me to be able to learn to read a situation much faster and be able to cope
Better with previously stressful situations.

Being more conscious and less automatic to conversations has brought out a lot more understanding of how we react to conversations in general
To more fully understand what is going on around myself.

I thank you for a great 8 weeks of class.


The Mindfulness Meditation course
opened my eyes to an alternative way to deal with life's stresses. You made an indelible mark on how powerful our thoughts are and impact they have on our attitudes and behaviour. I really enjoy the awareness of taking time to stop and reflect on the moment. Besides slowing a person down I feel a joy. Refraining from being judgment was good for me to hear and practice.

Your classes were relaxed and the material you presented each week was excellent. I have all the tools I need just diligence. I have been alternating between the body scan and the sitting meditation but not consistently. I did notice I was easily distracted, more so than when I was doing the meditation during the course.

It is good for me to see someone as passionate as yourself in what you believe. There could be nothing more convincing for your students. Thank you.

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